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Music is the gateway to the bridge of the soul. It is one of the few things in life that can remove barriers and join people of all backgrounds together. What we offer is a place where your heart and ears are joined together. We are here to make bliss the sound of your image. Our clients have a need for phenomenal musical composition for use on a wide range of demographics and purposes. We have the ability to tap into the soul of what's needed for each project; we do this through detailed fulfillment of customers wants and desires. "The voice must mediate between the heart and mind". 

Music in itself is behavioral; if you are feeling sadness a particular song that reminds you of a pleasant time can be played and it will cheer you up. In the same breath a song could make you feel sad. This is the wonderful thing about music it taps directly into us and can cause behavioral changes. Velvet Box Studio can push the boundaries of your actions through our rhythmic creations.

"Music does not lie. If there is something to be changed in the world. Then it can only happen through music."”

— Jim Hendrix

Jerimie Newby

David Lottahall

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Jerimie Newby: Director Of Operations and Chief Audio Engineer

From an early age Jerimie showed a great interest in music and business management. The son of a retired Army Officer father and a dedicated Educator mother who both led by example with their strong work ethic and attention to detail. Jerimie in turn inherited that same drive, determination, and thirst for knowledge. He started his first business in middle school by earning money mowing neighborhood lawns and later providing full scale landscaping. Jerimie started playing the piano at age seven and later transitioned to the alto saxophone. As an adult his focus has been on sound. The shaping and bending of frequencies through DAW's. Working in the studio helping artist to find their tone and voice. With several years of engineering experience and countless hours of recording and mixing. He has been able to find that Velvet Place.

Dave Lottahall: Director Of Music and Lead Producer

Born and raised in Northern Virginia at a young age discovered his love for music. Taking up roots in church, the drums helped to teach Dave the disciplines of being a church musician. Later with the help of a good friend, Byron Motley, formed the two man group Nu-G (Nu-Gospel). They would go on to create their first single Allright, followed by the album Tonite. During this time he became invested in the relationship that would alter his life..his wife. With her ability to paint with words and his dynamic ear for creativity they were meant to be. Together they would go on to publish 3 singles, You Don't Know, Free & L.A.O.O.T. under the name October Moon Project. David Lottahall III has acquired years of experience teaching vocal parts, various harmony arrangements as well as orchestrating multiple accompaniments. From songwriting to production the possibilities are endless with the assembled team of Velvet Box Studio. 

Jaime Vargas: Audio Engineer/Producer
Born in Culpeper, VA, Jaime always had a love for music early on in life. He decided back in 2021 that it was time to pursue his dreams. He first started with learning music production and then going back to school for audio engineering. With a lot of hard work and determination, he soon landed an internship with Velvet Box Studio. Showing great dedication and hard work with recording and editing, Velvet Box Studio decided to add him to the team. Now a graduate from Northern Virginia Community College and having a certification in Music Recording Technology, Jaime is ready to help artists create their masterpiece.