Believe in life! Always human beings will live and progress to greater, broader, and fuller life. ”

— W. E. B. Du Bois

Just me and The Mic!



 The Skallah takes his name from two interwoven and inseparable passions: study to enrich one's mind, and having the knowledge to understand the mind of One. What has become an endeavor to share knowledge through music, and challenge the listener to be empowered, began as "poetry" at age 9. Trying to come to terms with the separation of his parents, the young Skallah wrote "Eye see Rage". At that time there was no consideration for the audience, as it was only directed towards expressing the anger and frustration caused by his lack of understanding. To "see Rage" in poetic form on a page was to not be blinded by it, and harness the energy. 

And so it began. Emotional expression is the underlying theme of every composition, but the mind often guides the form and delivery of the poetry. It is never to impress, but always to make an impression. It is faith driven and religious. It is commune and confession. It is duality. All songs are for a lady, and the ladies. All songs are for children. Although The Skallah's diversity and knack for perspective is shaped by the intermingled cultures of NOVA (Northern Virginia), he is undoubtedly formed by his hometown in central Ohio; family is the "heart of it all". There is power in numbers, but his success comes in One.